Environmental Adaptation:

from Molecules to the Planet


The Estonian Center of Excellence in Environmental Adaptation  ENVIRON

Final Conference

October 1-3, 2015   Dorpat Conference Centre Tartu, Estonia

The objective of the conference is to sum up the results of the research carried out at the ENVIRON-Centre and put them into a broader perspective. The work of the ENVIRON has led to a number of exciting findings on how global change affects biogenic volatile organic compound emissions, stomatal regulation mechanisms, BVOC elicitation in response to abiotic and biotic stresses, carbon gain controls, as well as to identification of global variability in soil metagenome. The scientific programme with the following sessions covers these aspects from molecule to the planet-scale:

  • Global change from mechanisms to patterns

  • Role of volatile messengers in plant adaptation

  • Adaptation at cell and plant level

  • Plant-microbe interactions in the changing environment

  • Carbon and nitrogen cycles of forests and wetland ecosystems

  •  The poster-session

  • The post-conference excursion to the field experiment sites

Centre of Excellence in Environmental Adaptation, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Fr.R.Kreutzwaldi 1, 51014, Tartu, ESTONIA


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