Oct 1 (Thursday)

9:00  – 9:45     Registration

9:45 - 9:50       Opening. Ülle Jaakma, Vice-Rector of Research, Estonian University of Life Sciences

9:50 – 12:35    Global change from mechanisns to patterns, modrator Ülo Mander

9:50    Ülo Niinemets (Estonian Univ. of Life Sciences, Head of the ENVIRON):

„How ENVIRON tries to understand adaptation to global change“.

10:45 –11:05    Coffee/tea break


11:05   Markku Kulmala (Univ. of Helsinki, ENVIRON board member):

„Biogenic volatile compounds enhancing aerosol load“.

11:50    Rainer Matyssek (Technische Univ. München, ENVIRON board member):

„Drought – Challenge of the Future, for Trees and Science".

12:35 – 13:35  Lunch

13:35 – 15:25      I session: Role of volatile messengers in plant adaptation, moderator Ülo Niinemets

13:35     Michael Staudt (CNRS, Montpellier, invited keynote):

"The role of BVOC emissions in Global Change".

14:20      Jörg-Peter Schnitzler (Helmholz Gesellschaft, Germany, invited keynote):

    „Plants under environmental stress - biosynthesis and function of plant volatiles“.


15:05       Astrid Kännaste (Estonian Univ. of Life Sciences):

"Conifers´ chemotypes and their resistance against environmental stress factors".

15:25 – 15:45  Coffee/Tea break

 15:45 - 17:55         II session: Plant-microbe interactions in the changing environment, modrator Hannes Kollist

15:45       Corné Pieterse (Utrecht University, ENVIRON board member):

“The root microbiome and plant health”.

16:30       Denis Fargette  (Montpellier, France, invited keynote):

„Virus emergence in rice in the changing environment of Africa“..

17:15        Miroslav Valarik (Institute of Experimental Botany, Centre of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research, Olomouc - Holice, Czech Republic):

„The Central Europe, a brewing pot of cereal powdery mildew disease.“

17:35        Anders Kvarnheden (Swedish Univ of Agricultural Sciences):

 „Plant-infecting viruses in the Nordic countries and the possible effects of climate change“.

17:55 – 18:10  Break

18:10 – 19:00  Posters session,  moderator Ivika Ostonen (Univ. of Tartu)

1 minute poster presentations  

 19:00 – 21:00  … and refreshments        

Oct 2 (Friday)

8:45 – 11:55           III session: Adaptation at cell and plant level,  moderator Erkki Truve (Tallinn Univ of Technology, Estonia)

8:45         Stefan Jansson (Univ. of Umeå, ENVIRON board member):

                               "Natural variation in aspen".

9:30          Timothy Brodribb (Univ. of Tasmania, invited keynote):

„Evolution of stomatal signaling“.

10;15 – 10:35  Coffee/Tea break

10:35         Hannes Kollist  (Univ. of Tartu, Estonia):

„Stomatal regulation in response to environment“.

10:55         Hanna Hõrak (Univ. of Tartu, Estonia): „Stomatal CO2 signalling“.

11:15         Arne Sellin (Univ. of Tartu, Estonia):

 "Tree growth under increasing atmospheric humidity: possible mechanisms behind the growth retardation".

11:35          Tiina Tosens  (Estonian Univ. of Life Sciences):

"The long and winding road of CO2 from leaf mesophyll to chloroplasts - an evolutionary obstruction to plant functioning".

11:55 – 12:55  Lunch

12:55 – 15:00         IV session: Carbon and nitrogen cycles of forests and wetland ecosystems, moderator Jaak Truu

13:55          Markus Reichstein (Max Planck Inst. for Biogeochemistry, Jena, Germany, invited keynote):

"Ecosystem functional responses to the environment - a FLUXNET perspective".

14:40           Ivika Ostonen, Marika Truu et al (Estonia):

“Ecosystem-level adaptation to environmental changes - ENVIRON results from local to regional scale”.

15:00 – 15:30  Coffee/Tea break

15:30 – 17:00         IV session continues, moderaator Ebe Merilo (Univ. of Tartu)

       15:30            Ülo Mander et al (Univ. of Tartu, Estonia):

Climate change and greenhouse gas emissions – ENVIRON results from local to global scale”.

15:50            Jaak Truu et al (Univ. of Tartu, Estonia):

"Climate change nd Earth microbiome - understanding the processes and their controls".

16:10            Steffe M. Noe (Estonian Univ. of Life Sciences, Estonia):

"Perspectives from SMEAR Estonia: First long term measurements of biosphere-atmosphere interactions in Estonia".

16:30            Krista Lõhmus et al (Univ. of Tartu, Estonia):

"Elevated atmospheric humidity changes deciduous forest carbon and nitrogen cycling".

16:50 – 17:00  Closing, Ülo Niinemets

18:30 – 22:00  Conference dinner


Oct 3 (Saturday)

8:45 – 17:15                 Excursion   









Centre of Excellence in Environmental Adaptation, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Fr.R.Kreutzwaldi 1, 51014, Tartu, ESTONIA


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