Landscape ecology and ecotechnology

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Department of Geography, Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences, University of Tartu
Phone:  +372 7375 819/ +372 5087373  Address: Vanemuise 46, 51014 Tartu, ESTONIA

Photo: Minirhisotron technology (photo on right - Heljä-Sisko Helmisaari) for underground imaging of growth of fine roots. Imaging instruments on left photo


Ivika Ostonen-Märtin Senior researcher, PhD (Univ. of Tartu)
Jaak Truu Professor, PhD (Univ. of Tartu)
Jane Frey Senior researcher, PhD (Univ. of Tartu)
Arno Kanal Associate professor, PhD (Estonian Univ. of Life Sciences)
Marika Truu Researcher, PhD (Univ. of Tartu)
Christina Vohla Researcher, PhD (Univ. of Tartu)
Mait Sepp Researcher, PhD (Univ. of Tartu)
Martin Madisson                 Researcher, PhD (Univ. of Tartu)
Kaido Soosaar Researcher, PhD (Univ. of Tartu)
Jüri Roosaare Associate professor, PhD (Univ. of Tartu)
Mae Uri Specialist











PhD students and their research topics

Jens-Konrad Preem            Microbial community, phylogenetic and functional diversity in natural and constructed wetlands
 Raili Hansen Greenhouse gas fluxes in experimental forest station of air humidity manipulation (FAHM)
Naima Kabral Heavy metal deposition and accumulation in different parts of coniferous stands
Janika Laht Lifecycle analysis of ecotechnological measures to control nutrient fluxes in catchments
Järvi Järveoja Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from abandoned peat extraction areas growing bioenergy crops
Teele Ligi Impact of environmental parameters on denitrifying microbial community in constructed wetlands
Kristjan Oopkaup Relationships between constructed wetland purification efficiency and microbial community functional structure
Sergey Egorov Metagenomics of wetland soils
Ülle Napa Ecosystem recovery from air pollution effects - based on Estonian forest monitoring data
Kaie Kriiska Carbon store and turnover in Estonian forest soils
Kuno Kasak Alternative filter materials in hybrid suburface flow constructed wetlands: Water purification efficiency and impact on greenhouse gas emissions
Kertu Tiirik Impact of pharmaceutial residues and engineered nanoparticles on the microbial community structure in wastewater treatment system and antibiotic resistance gene transfer into the environment
Mikk Espenberg Impact of different technological applications in peatland restoration on the structure and diversity of archeal community and its methanogenic potential
Gert Veber Spatio-temporal variability of greenhouse gas emissions in peatlands; implications for determining peatland buffer zones
Kalev Repp Modelling gaseous nitrogen and carbon fluxes in wetlands and forest ecosystems


Centre of Excellence in Environmental Adaptation, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Fr.R.Kreutzwaldi 1, 51014, Tartu, ESTONIA


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