Plant signal research group

Lead by Hannes Kollist     CV     Publications
Senior Reseacher,
Plant Signal Research Group, Institute of Technology University of Tartu
Phone: +37256470471      Address: Nooruse St 1, 50411 Tartu, ESTONIA

Photo: Custom made Arabidopsis specific gas-exchange system for monitoring intact plant responses to various stimuli


Mikael Brosché Professor, PhD (Univ. of Gothenburg, Sweden)
Ebe Merilo     Senior research fellow, PhD (Univ. of Tartu)
Yuh-Shuh Wang Senior research fellow, PhD (Michigan Tech. Univ., Am. Ühendriigid)
Heino Moldau Senior research fellow, DSc (Inst. of Plant Physiol., Moscow)
Bakhtier Rasulov Senior research fellow, PhD (Tadzhik Acad. Sci. Dushanbe)
Priit Pechter Research fellow, PhD (Michigan Tech. Univ., USA)
Triinu Vahisalu Postdoctoral researcher, PhD (Helsinki University)
Eve Kaurilind Postdoctoral researcher, PhD (Univ of Tartu)
Yana Sindarovska Postdoctoral researcher, PhD (NAS, Ukraine)
Dmitry Yarmolinsky Research fellow (PhD, National Akademy of Sciences of Belarus)
Irina Rasulova Laboratory assistant
Heikko Rämma Technician

PhD students and their research topics

Kristiina Laanemets The role of SLAC1 protein in the regulation of plant stomatal opening
Hanna Hõrak Stomatal regulation: mechanism of ERD15 protein
Liina Jakobson >Isolation and characterization of novel mutants affected in plant transpiration
Kadri Tõldsepp Fatty acid amide hydrolase-mediated abscisic acid responses in plants
Indrek Jõesaar Using thermography to study stomatal regulation
Pirko Jalakas Unraveling interactions between plant stomatal signaling cascades
Maris Nuhkat Guard cell ion channel regulation by carbon dioxide and ozone
Olena Zamora Characterization of new mutant lines with altered stomatal response to environmental factors



Centre of Excellence in Environmental Adaptation, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Fr.R.Kreutzwaldi 1, 51014, Tartu, ESTONIA


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